Nebulæ070112 (As If I Was Alone In The Universe)

在二次探索星雲070112的過程中,我們失去了精準的描繪定義,現階段我們只能從爆炸前後的些許瞬間拼湊出這個氣體塵埃的表象成形。 如果時間順序有必要被拆解分析,我們能提出的簡史如下。第一次研究專員使用天文望眼鏡進行探索,進而發現星雲070112的日期為2012年1月07日。但是因為其飄忽不穩,初期細節報告一直到九個月後才得以略微呈現。同時期因為星雲070112的瞬間消失,及同領域專業人士對於星雲的再現抱持高度懷疑,此研究觀察專案被迫暫停。




不同於我其它的紀實作品,[星雲070112] 是一個私人故事的精神性對話。雖然狀似與真實世界分離,由日常物件創造出的詭譎景觀,隱喻轉化真實事件中的遼遠空間與時間詩意,試圖與觀者形成自我狀態的對話。


In the process of rediscovering Nebulæ 070112, we lost sight of what seemed to happen, we only perceive fragments from before the collapse, moments that had formed this massive cloud of dust and gas. 

If a timeline has to be given, researchers would say that Nebulæ 070112 was first discovered on 07 January 2012, using a telescope. However, the first semi-detailed study wouldn't be performed until 9 months later in the same year. After the detailed study, the project was temporarily on hold because of the sudden disappearance of the Nebulæ, and because no one in the filed had confidence in its returning.  

During that unobserved period, Nebulæ 070112 apparently went through another gravitational collapse of gas, the reason is currently unknown. For half an year on Earth, the material of Nebulæ 070112 collapsed under its own weight, which attracted surrounding stars to its center. The death throes of those short-lived stars created compact materials which laid in the center of Nebulæ 070112. This we believe will form new stars inside. 

The project was restarted on 07 January 2014, two years after its first discovery. Researchers are working on documenting its current developments.  


Unlike my other documentary photography based projects, “Nebulæ 070112” is a psychophysiological dialogue of an ongoing personal story. Though detached from the outside world, through the eerie landscapes created by everyday objects, it reminds viewers the vast space, the poetry of time and their own status of minds.