On Assignment in Teklimakan desert, China. Photography by Juan Antonio Puyol

「 生命提供答案的同時,仍舊不止的拋出問題。」



陳若軒 RoHsuan Chen /// 影像創作者





2009-12『嫁妝Tminun Pdsun』賽德克族地上機織布文化與織女故事

2010-11 林義傑絲路長跑探勘紀錄與長跑團隊紀錄 

2011-12 蔡英文競選總部平面攝影

2011-18 卡車人生紀錄

2011-13 小英基金會攝影團隊

2012 台灣世界遺產潛力點攝影專案 

2012 蔡國強西湖爆破團隊平面紀錄

2014-15 帝門藝術中心『中和安家安邦公共藝術』平面記錄專案

2014-15 文化部出版『巨匠的技與美』平面攝影

2015 藝術/企業家黃騰輝個人攝影師

2015-16 桃園機場第一航廈公共藝術攝影專書

2015-2017 古舞團平面紀實攝影


2019-2021 興隆公宅公共藝術駐地創作攝影計畫 


2019 TIFA Tokyo International Foto Award Professional - Sliver Winners - Category Advertising-Food / Category Events-Other

2018『印象。台南』 台法國際藝術交流計畫, 文賢油漆工程行, 老爺行旅,台南

2018『還原 -土地之歌 』 聯展,台北當代藝術館,台北,台灣

2017 合作成立 TwoMONTHSperYear

2016『色彩與文化』 聯展,『采采眾光攝影計畫』,台灣博物館,史前博物館, 台北,台東

2016 “ Talent 100” 文化博覽會攝影聯展,花博爭豔,台北

2016 動態攝影 “A World Within the World”  TIFA Tokyo International Foto Award Professional - First Place Winner in Moving Images , GOLD WINNER in Moving Images - Collage"  

2016  平面攝影計畫 “Those Illuminated采采眾光” - International Phpotography Award  IPA 2016 Professional - Honorable Mention in People: Culture and People: Portrait

2016 平面攝影計畫 " Tminun Pdsun"  - Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) - Honorable Mention in Professional - Book

2015 “Those Who Move The Stars" - Nikon Photo Contest 開放項目短片 第三名 

2015『明之所在,今在 』 影像文字創作聯展, 兜空間藝廊,台南

2015 “Music Without Border” 聯展,  台灣書院,Los Angeles, USA

2015 “Chantons Aux Vaches” 聯展, Rue Francaise, Paris, France 

2015 “霧中回音“ 聯展,B Lab, 台中

2014  “用我的『 』交換你的『 』” 聯展,台北藝術村

2014  “Verse RH” Open Studio,台北藝術村

2012 『嫁妝Tminun Pdsun』攝影圖文書新書發表暨展覽,田園城市藝廊,台北

2012 『一直同在』 攝影圖文書新書發表暨展覽 華山文創,台北

2012  台北詩歌節影像詩 “A true story" 入圍

2011 『擁抱絲路』 攝影個展 華山文創

2007  "Salone Satellite", Milano, Italy


攝影圖文書 2012『嫁妝Tminun Pdsun』 田園城市出版 紀錄賽德克族與布農族八位織女的人生故事 

攝影圖文書 2012『擁抱絲路』布克文化出版 紀錄超級馬拉松長跑運動員 林義傑 2011年由土耳其伊斯坦堡到中國西安的絲路長跑

攝影圖文書 2012『一直同在』圓神書版  紀錄總統參選人蔡英文與支持者走過的旅程

攝影圖文書 2014 & 2015『巨匠的技與美』文建會出版 

攝影書 2015 『安家安邦新公園』帝門教育基金會出版

攝影圖文書 2016 『藝起飛』 桃園機場出版

攝影詩集  2017 "Errances Cristallines" with poet Davide Napoli and artist BTHY, published by Les Editions Transignum, Paris, France 


2011-present 商周編輯顧問/『Volvo 王者直擊』,紀錄台灣各地卡車車主人生故事

2010-12 世界遺產雜誌社/『台灣世界遺產潛力點』

RoHsuan Chen///Photographer

Photographer Statement

The more life answered, the more questions heaved and tossed. 

We go back in time searching for decisive moments; moments that might have helped form our presents and allow us to glance at the glittering light from our futures. 

We single out those moments from the routine, examine them prudently and piece them into a fictional theory composed by the mundane and the nuances. We embody these subtleties into a personal faith which conveniences us to depend on, which saves us when we are lost in fear and despair. We manage to firmly stand on our fictional faith even though we cannot possibly be sure whether those moments we consciously selected are factual or a one sided personal theory. 

Most of my works are about collecting and documenting fragments through a foreign eye, consciously selecting the anomalies from the routine and framing those instants into a personal fiction and yet a public true story.  

When moments are made monumental, subjects as well as viewers see the flickering verses echoing in their personal fictions. 


BFA in Matel-Smithing, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei Taiwan

MFA in Designed Objects, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA


Long-Term Documentary Project includes

2009 - 2012 Documenting Project - Tminun Pdsun, Aboriginal Seediq and Bunun floor weaving culture and weavers' stories 

2010 Contract Photographer of The Home expedition Ltd. Scouting the route from Istanbul, Turkey to Xian, China for project "Running the Silk Road".

2011 Documenting super marathon runner Kevin Lin running the Silkroad, countries includes Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China.

2011-13 Photographer of presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen's campaign team.  

2012-2013 Contract Photographer of World's Heritage Magazine, documenting The Potential World's Heritage Sites in Taiwan 

2012-2018 Contract Photographer of Volvo Trucks, documenting truck divers on the road, Taiwan

2012 Contract Photographer of Artist Cai Guo-Qiang's team, documenting Cai Guo-Qiang exploding the West Lake Hangzhou, China

2014-2015 Zhōng hé An Bang Park Public Art Documenting Project, Project assigned by Dimension Endowment of Art 

2014-2015  Documenting "Master Crafsmans in Taiwan" for Photography Publication, project assigned by Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan 

2015 Artist/Entrepreneur Robert Huang Personal Photographer 

2015-2016 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Public Art Photography Publication Project 

2015-2017 "Ku & Dancers" Documentary Photography Project


2019-2021 Xing-Long Public Housing Public Art / Artist Residency - Photography Project


2019 TIFA Tokyo International Foto Award Professional - Sliver Winners - Category Advertising-Food / Category Events-Other

2018 “ Impression,Tainan ”Artist-In-Residency Tainan-Paris, Paint House Studio / THE PLACE, Tainan, Taiwan

2018 " Reduction-Nature is Speaking" Group Exhibitipn, MOCA Taipei, Taiwan

2017 Co-Founded “TwoMONTHSperYEAR

2016 Group Exhibition “ Color and culture” , exhibiting “Those illuminated Photography Project”, National Taiwan Museum, Taipei and National Museum of Prehistory, Taitung, Taiwan.

2016 “Those illuminated” - International Photography Award - Honorable Mention in Professional - People: Culture,  People: Portrait and Moving Imagery, USA 

2016 Group Exhibition - “Talent 100”, Creative Expo, Taipei, Taiwan

2016 "Tminun Pdsun" - Prix de la Photographie, Paris (P×3) - Honorable Mention in Professional - Book, Paris, France

2016 “A World Within the World” TIFA Tokyo International Foto Award Professional - First Place Winner in Moving images & GOLD WINNER Moving images - Collage, Tokyo, JP

2015  Group Exhibition "I will be with you today, because I am with you tomorrow." Imagery Poem, Dou Masion Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan

2015 “Those who move the stars” , 3rd place of Open Theme Video, awarded by Nikon Photo Contest, Japan

2015 Group Exhibition “Music Without Border”, Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles, USA 

2015 Group Exhibition “Chantons Aux Vaches” , Rue Francaise Gallery, Paris, France. 

2015 Group Exhibition “Echo in the mist” , B Lab, Taichung, Taiwan

2014 Group Exhibition "With my [ ] trade with your [ ]", Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan  

2014 "Verse RH" Open Studio, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan 

2012 "Tminun Pdsun", Photography Book Launch Exhibition, Garden City Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2012 "Together & Forever" Group Exhibition, Huashan 1914, Taipei, Taiwan

2012 “A true story"  Imagery Poem, nominated, Taipei Poetry Festival, Taiwan 

2011 "Running the Silk Road", Photography Solo Exhibition, Huashan 1914, Taipei, Taiwan

2007 "Salone Satellite", Milano, Italy


" Tminun Pdsun", documenting Seediq and Bunun floor weaving traditions and weavers' stories. Published by Garden City Publishers, Taiwan, 2012

" Running the Silk Road", documenting super marathon runner Kevin Lin running from Istanbul, Turkey to Xian, China. Published by Sbooker Publications, Taiwan, 2012

" Together & Forever", documenting the journey shared between presidential candidate Tsai Ing-Wen and her supporters. Published by Eurasian Press, Taiwan, 2013

“Craftsmen in Taiwan”, documenting craftsmen in Taiwan. Published by Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan, 2014 

“New Park Zhonghe”, Photography Book published by Dimension Endowment of Art, Taiwan, 2015 

“Craftsmen in Taiwan”, documenting craftsmen in Taiwan. Published by Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan, 2015

"Taking the Flight", documenting Public Art in Taoyuan International Airport, published by Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, 2016

"Errances Cristallines" , imagery poem with poet Davide Napoli and atist BTHY, published by Les Editions Transignum, Paris, France, 2017  


Photography Columns

Volvo Magazine  " Volvo Truck Drivers", documenting trucks drivers on the road. 

World's Heritage Magazine " World's Heritage Potential Sites in Taiwan."